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Social Media Marketing

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Use social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - as marketing tools for your business. Link each platform to your website where they work together seamlessly to drive traffic to your webstie hub, build your brand and gain more email subscribers. The control is yours to connect with your subscribers at any time. Social media is a powerful tool to help grow your audience and convert visitors to customers. Why should social media be part of your marketing plan? Because social media can help to promote your brand, increase your website traffic and grow your audience.

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This service includes:

The first meeting

I will meet with you to discuss the different social networks to what fits with your business. There are important things to consider when selecting social media networks:

New account setup

After the selection of social media networks, it's time to set them up. I will assist you in building your profiles that bring your brand to life.

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Website integration

Integration into your website is the last building block. This ties your "hub" with all your social profiles. With the use of plugins built for WordPress, here are some options for social buttons:

Final Testing

Each platform is thoroughly test to ensure proper function, correct viewing across multiple browsers and screen display resolutions, including mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing is an hourly service.

Let's work together

I provide a free consultation to discuss your website needs and goals. From there I use the information you provide to build a project specification, initial timeline and project cost. You have nothing to loose.

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